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PTFE HosePolytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is an engineered fluoropolymer. Oustanding resistance to chemicals is one of its primary attributes. A broad temperature range of -100°F to 500°F (-73°C to 260°C) make this hose material suitable for the majority of fluid and ambient temperature conditions found in industry. An extremely low coefficient of friction, (0.05 to 0.20), provides a non-stick surface. Water absorption of PTFE is negligible, less than 0.01% by ASTM test, and it is FDA-approved for food and pharmaceutical use. Additionally PTFE will withstand flexing and vibration without failure from flex fatigue. PTFE is chemically inert, it will not break down or deteriorate in service and it has an unlimited shelf life because properties do not change with age or exposure to weather.

Titeflex PTFE Hose

Titeflex offers PTFE hose in a variety of configurations. Titeflex PTFE hose innercore is offered in smooth bore and convoluted, conductive (Carbon black added) and non-conductive. Type 304 stainless steel wire braid is the standard reinforcement with other specialty materials available. Titeflex offers RTPE covered hose for chafe resistance and silicone covered hose for heat and fire resistance. Alternate braid materials include Nomex braided convoluted hose and Kevlar braided high-pressure smooth bore hose. Please visit our product search to find the Titeflex product that best meets your needs.

Smooth Bore 

As the innovator in PTFE hose technology, Titeflex has pioneered the production and utilization of smooth bore PTFE hose throughout a wide spectrum of demanding aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications. The first to produce extruded PTFE hose in 1955, Titeflex remains the leader in smooth bore PTFE extrusion. Titeflex smooth bore PTFE hose meets or exceeds requirements of SAE 100R14 and the PTFE meets FDA 21 CFR 177.1550. Titeflex smooth bore PTFE hose innercore is vertically extruded to maintain the highest quality of concentricity and is manufactured from Dupont type 62 fine grade resin or equivalent with type 304 stainless steel wire braid reinforcement. Titeflex smooth bore innercore is available in both conductive and non-conductive configurations.


Titeflex began production of convoluted PTFE hose in 1965, and has remained a leader in this lightweight and flexible hose. Titeflex convoluted PTFE hose consists of PTFE tape externally reinforced with PTFE impregnated fiberglass and type 304 stainless steel wire braid. The tube is convoluted in a forming die and then heated to bond the layers. Titeflex convoluted innercore is available in both conductive and non-conductive configurations.

CNG Hose

The NGV market is among the fastest growing markets in alternative fuels. Titeflex is proud to offer the ultimate PTFE Hose for CNG designed for automotive manufacturers, converters, and filling station operators. For more information about our CNG hose, view our data sheet.


Chlorine transfer is recognized as one of the most challenging and potentially hazardous hose applications. Aware of the clear need for safety, reliability, and performance; Titeflex has engineered a unique product to meet the demands of this critical application. Titeflex S818XX chlorine / bromine hoses are internationally accepted and recognized for providing many years of unparalleled safety and performance. Titeflex chlorine/bromine hose consists of a convoluted PTFE innercore with a double layer of Kynar braid. Heavy-duty high density polyethylene (HDPE) spiral wrap is available. For more information about our specialty hoses, please visit our product search or contact Titeflex.