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Titeflex has a wide selection of flexible hoses

For more than four decades, Titeflex has been a leader in PTFE hose, offering a variety of configurations to its customers in the aerospace, industrial and transportation market.

Smooth Bore

As the innovator in PTFE hose technology, Titeflex has pioneered the production and utilization of smooth bore PTFE hose throughout a wide spectrum of demanding aerospace applications. The first to produce extruded PTFE hose in 1955, Titeflex remains the leader in smooth bore PTFE extrusion. Titeflex smoothbore PTFE hose innercore is vertically extruded to maintain the highest quality of concentricity and is manufactured from Dupont type 62 fine grade resin or equivalent with type 304 stainless steel wire braid reinforcement. Titeflex smooth bore innercore is available in both conductive and non-conductive configurations.


Titeflex began production of convoluted PTFE hose in 1965, and remains a leader in this lightweight and flexible hose. Titeflex convoluted PTFE hose consists of PTFE tape externally reinforced with PTFE impregnated fiberglass and type 304 stainless steel wire braid. The tube is convoluted in a forming die and then heated to bond the layers. Titeflex convoluted innercore is available in both conductive and non-conductive configurations.

Annular Convoluted Flexible Metal Hose

Titeflex convoluted metal hose is the premier and proven all-metallic aerospace hose, qualified to AS1424. It performs in extreme hot and cold, beyond the range of all thermoplastic hoses. It is used extensively on space vehicle and launch vehicle applications as well as hot sections of turbine engines where performance and reliability are critical. Titeflex can mold a proprietary silicone on these hose assemblies, encapsulating braid and innercore, for service in severe vibration applications.